Light a Vigil Candle

Each day, visitors from around the world light a candle at The Shrine and Parish Church of Holy Innocents as an act of prayer. "Lighting a candle symbolizes the Light of God shining in the darkness of the world and in the darkness of our hearts and minds. It helps focus on Him while we pray and it gives an ambience of solemnity to help us pray."  - Wikipedia
Prayer is powerful and faith can move mountains. We invite you to participate in our community of faith, Light a Real Prayer Candle today from our website. For more information, please send us an email to or simply follow the guided steps.

Guided Steps

1. Fill out a Vigil Candle form.
2. A contribution of $5.00 per candle.
3. We will light your candle near the Return Crucifix.

Your candle will stay lit for approximately 6 days.

Light A Vigil Candle Form