Shrine of Our Lady of Perpetual

The original painting of Our Lady of Perpetual Help A.K.A. Mother of Perpetual Help and Our Lady of Perpetual Succour was created by an anonymous artist possibly a monk who lived in Crete in the style of the Virgin of the Passion which represents the Christian mystery of Redemption. Since 1499, the image is in Rome and permanently enshrined in the church of Sant'Alfonso di Liguori, where the official Novena to Our Mother of Perpetual Help text is prayed weekly. In June 23, 1867, the image was granted a Canonical Coronation and its official recognition of the Marian icon under its present title.
In 1931, a replica painting from St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York, was sent to the Parish Church of The Holy Innocents to honor the inauguration of the Shrine of Our Lady of Perpetual.

Four Icon Symbols

The painting of the Mother of God, Jesus Christ, and the Archangels Michael and Gabriel are identified by the Greek letters.

1. MP-OY [theta O]: represents Mother of God, on the two sides of the upper part of the icon

2. IC-XC: represents Jesus Christ, on the right side

3. OPM: represents Archangel Michael, on the left side above the Angel

4. OPT [tau]: represents Archangel Gabriel, on the right side above the Angel

Our Lady of Perpetual draws us to pray, it is the mysteries of Salvation. Many like to say the Rosary before this iconic painting.